Added MVC Mini Profiler to PetaPoco – A simple web app

August 8th, 2011 by Gareth / Comments

I saw a question on Stack Overflow asking how to setup Sam Saffron’s MVC Mini Profiler to work with PetaPoco and realised it would be a good idea to implement the mini profiler into my PetaPoco example app.

The latest release of PetaPoco included a change that made it very easy to integrate the profiler with PetaPoco if you want to. Prior to the latest version you had to hack the PetaPoco.cs file a little bit or implement your own db provider factory. Pleasingly there is now a virtual function called OnConnectionOpened(), which is invoked by PetaPoco when the database connection object is first created. Being a virtual function you can override it in a derived class and return the connection object wrapped in the MVC Mini Profiler’s ProfiledDbConnection class. Like this :

	public class DatabaseWithMVCMiniProfiler : PetaPoco.Database
   public DatabaseWithMVCMiniProfiler(IDbConnection connection) : base(connection) { }
   public DatabaseWithMVCMiniProfiler(string connectionStringName) : base(connectionStringName) { }
   public DatabaseWithMVCMiniProfiler(string connectionString, string providerName) : base(connectionString, providerName) { }
   public DatabaseWithMVCMiniProfiler(string connectionString, DbProviderFactory dbProviderFactory) : base(connectionString, dbProviderFactory) { }
   public override IDbConnection OnConnectionOpened(
      IDbConnection connection)
      // wrap the connection with a profiling connection that tracks timings
      return MvcMiniProfiler.Data.ProfiledDbConnection.Get( connection as DbConnection, MiniProfiler.Current);

I didn’t want to lose the existing Glimpse profiling I had in place so I made my class derive from DatabaseWithGlimpseProfiling, which is already in my project’s codebase, so you get both methods of profiling in one app.

	public class DatabaseWithMVCMiniProfilerAndGlimpse : DatabaseWithGlimpseProfiling

This is turning into a profile demonstration app with a bit of PetaPoco chucked in :

You can download PetaPoco – A Simple Web App from my GitHub repository.

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