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January 9th, 2011 by Gareth / Comments

I am always fascinated when I see photos of other developers’ desks so I thought I’d share mine with the world. For years my desk has been an undervalued dump and, in an act of shameful correlation, I have been an under performing stig for years too.

You’ll see plenty of web design books there which I should put away, I don’t read them any more. There are some iPhone developer books and a few .NET books as well as some productivity and business books. I do have 4 Android books (of the brilliant Mark Murphy Commonsware series) but they’re all pdfs so I can’t put them on my shelf except as represented on a usb drive. I’m waiting for the perfect tablet to come out so I can read them comfortably away from my desk. At the moment I make do with the iPod Touch (brilliant device!).

I also have a few books that provide inspiration but for me the best inspiration is this :

  1. Browse to Google maps
  2. Go to an area where I would love to live
  3. Search for “house for sale”
  4. Look at the photos of my dream house, and dream

Try this example of Bridgnorth. Makes me work harder and visualize my goal. I can see us being very happy in a new bigger house away from this poky end terrace with zero parking although Bridgnorth might be a bit too remote for my other half

I’m in the process of rearranging this the tiniest room in the house (otherwise known as my office). so I’ll blog again when that happens.

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